DriloBASE TAXO is a freely accessible database resulting from a collaborative work between worldwide members of the earthworm scientific community. This tool gathers the more recent knowledge on the earthworm biology and ecology. Data are managed by scientists collaborating to the project and are given per valid species.
DriloBASE BIBLIO is a freely accessible bibliographical database which allows references on earthworms to be searched by author, title, journal or keywords. A preliminary version is currently integrated to DriloBASE TAXO. The complete and independant version will be available at short term.
DriloBASE GEO is a database opened only to scientists collaborating to the project and allows an input of a wide range of data (biogeography, life history traits, ecology, ecotoxicology, etc.) per field sample or field site. Each sample is geolocalized and a distribution map of each sampled species is automatically updated. Results of data analysis will be regularly transfered to DriloBASE TAXO after publication in scientific journals.

Please keep in mind that this project is a “work in progress” and will be updated over time.